118 to 174MHz Omni

118MHz to 174MHz Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna designing and manufacturing in Taiwan with an RF network analyzer and adjust the testing laboratory to ensure the stability and quality of our products.

With more than 15 years of experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing this line product. FT-RF Antennas are lightweight, easy to install, and design for a quick test, with an average gain and factor design and VSWR, can use for outdoor public areas. All our products have RoHs, WEEE compliance.

More than that, Antennas are constructed for all-weather operation, feature sealed collinear brass elements Array inside a durable UV-stable machine White fiberglass radome. Internal re-use waterproof silicone reinforced waterproof. These features allow them to be mounted in up or down positions. Each pcs antenna included a professional waterproofing tape for easy installation to solve the strengthening of water.
We also offer custom-designed antennas, please click <> and fill in our form, OR contact us:

152MHz to 158MHz 5dBi Omni Antenna

Model: OA-155M05-NF (Original Model: OA-150160M05-NF)
Dimension: 2800x70x50mm
Weight: 3Kg
Connector: N-Female
Beam-width: Horz.360 deg Vert.38 deg

155MHz to 165MHz 3dBi Dipole Omni Directional Outdoor Antenna

Model: OA-155165M03-NF
Dimension: 1400x70x50mm
Weight: 920g
Connector: N-Female
Beam-width: Horz.360 deg Vert.65 deg

165MHz to 180MHz 3dbi Omni Antenna

Model: OA-165180M03-NF
Dimension: 1350x70x50mm
Weight: 900g
Connector: N-Female
Beam-width: Horz.360 deg Vert.65 deg

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