Water Resistance Test Report

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1, 1 set of Antenna: Antenna, waterproof tape, connector

2. The rear end of the connector is sealed with Silicon as the picture

3. To lock the connector into the antenna’s connector, then we use electrical tape (or the waterproof tape as the step 1, or self-melting waterproof tape) to isolate water and moisture.


4. Put the antenna into the 50cm deep water at 1:15 pm on March 17, 2022

Water resistance

5. Use a heavy object on the antenna to ensure the antenna does not float

6. After 4 hours and 45 minutes

7. After 20 hours and 15 minutes

8. On 2022/3/18 at 11:15AM, take the antenna out of water

9. Then use the tools to open the antenna

10. Take out the connector

11. There is no water mark inside the connector with the wrapped waterproof tape

12. Open successfully

13. There is no moisture or water entering the inside part of antenna. Indicates that there is no doubt about the quality of the antenna, as long as we need pay attention to the waterproofness of the connector.