170 MHz to 225 MHz Frequency


170MHz to 225MHz Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna designing and manufacturing in Taiwan. With more than 30 years of experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing this line product. FT-RF Antennas are lightweight, easy to install, and design for a quick test, with an average gain and factor design and VSWR, can use for outdoor public areas. 

More than that, Antennas are constructed for all-weather operation, feature sealed collinear brass elements Array inside a durable UV-stable machine White fiberglass radome. Internal re-use waterproof silicone reinforced waterproof. These features allow them to be mounted in up or down positions. Each antenna included U-Bolt and Waterproof for installing. We also offer custom-designed antennas, please contact us via: info-tw@ft168.com.tw


158 MHZ to 178 MHZ 12dBi Yagi Directional Outdoor Antenna

  • Dimension: 920x3200x111.9mm
  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Connector: N-Female
  • Beam-width: Horz. 49 deg Vert.42 deg

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205MHz to 230MHz 3dBi Dipole Omni Directional Outdoor Antenna

  • Dimension : 1200x70x50mm
  • Weight : 870g
  • Connector : N-Female
  • Beam-with : Horz.360 deg Vert.65 deg
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205MHz to 230MHz 5.5dBi Dipole Omni Directional Outdoor Antenna

  • Dimension : 2350x70x50mm
  • Weight : 1870g
  • Connector : N-Female
  • Beam-width : Horz.360 deg Vert.32 deg
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210MHz to 230MHz 3dBi PIFA Omni Directional Professional train Outdoor Antenna

  • Dimension : 390x133x80mm
  • Weight : 2000g
  • Connector : N-Female
  • Beam-width : Horz.360 deg Vert.100 deg
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