Become FT-RF Agents/ Distributors

Dear Partners,

First, Fei Teng Wireless technology co. LTD company would like to send our best greetings and wishes for health and success.

Fei Teng Wireless Technology company (FT-RF) mainly specializes in Antenna design and manufacturing. Moreover, FT-RF still specializes in designing large antennas (Special/Military/Microwave/Various Base Station Antennas).

FT-RF becomes a company that is seldom known as focused on large antennas, and FT-RF has succeeded in various special projects in Taiwan. More than 30 years of experience in Antenna design and exported to more than 60 countries in the world, until now, FT-RF is a designated partner of National defense and Telecom companies.

FT-RF always tries our best to bring success to all partners.

We provide the best quality products with reasonable price policies and the fastest, most professional support services for our partner to ensure a smooth business operation.

Moreover, we firmly understand that we succeed when our partners succeed.

To expand the market and increase the demand for the efficiency of providing better quality products to customers’ needs around the world, FT-RF would like to collaborate with the Businesses and Individuals who are interested in and want to cooperate as the Distributor/Agent to jointly promote and trade our products.

Become our Distributor/Agent, what can we offer?

About Profit:

  1. Financial assistance from FT-RF for Bulk purchasing (Mass buying).
  2. Distributor/ Agent will get a discount.

About Product

  1. Product Promotional activities.
  2. Offer discounts for samples.
  3. Agents have priority to selling new product designs.
  4. Assist with various design and product modifications.

About Sales – Marketing:

  1. Limit and control the number of business points of Agents/Distributors in each country.
  2. FT-RF shall forward the customer inquiry to the agent or distributor who is responsible in that area for a quotation.
  3. Sales training.
  4. We shall post Distributor/ Agent’s information on our website, and product’s advertising and SEO support.
  5. Certificates for distributors/ agents and documents for authorization of agents.

Besides our offer and support for Distributor/Agent, our company policy is as below:

  1. The distributor shall be under the Agent's management.
  2. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for OEM 50sets.
  3. Annual minimum sales quotas 35,000 US dollars.
  4. Distributor/Agent can use FT-RF new product samples for display in your area with fill-in an application form in advance.
  5. FT-RF accepts monthly payment after the Distributor/Agent receives products with the Required Deposit amount.

If you are interested in joining us, please do not hesitate to contact us: